About us


Nonox, founded in 1996, started with the development of new technology gas engines with both superior environmental and fuel economy properties. Nowadays, Nonox has worldwide patented technology which can be applied to any kind of combustion engine, independent of the fuel.

This technology is proven to be ecologic and economic, and is available to the worldwide market for natural (bio-) gas driven vehicles and machinery. The technology is now under development for sustainable fuels like green hydrogen (H2) or green methanol, because only sustainable and climate-friendly fuels are allowed in the near future.

Besides our extensive know-how in combustion engine technology, the Nonox team is also experienced in electric drive-lines and battery technology. In 2012 the Dutch bus-builder EBUSCO B.V. was founded, and the Nonox team formed the technical department for design, development and service. EBUSCO B.V. was the pioneer for full-electric public transport in Europe, and presented the first full-electric 12 meter city bus with over 250km range already in 2012! EBUSCO was and still is one of the most innovative companies in this sector.

The experience from NONOX in both worlds of Heavy Duty vehicle development with combustion engine drivelines and pure electric drivelines excited NONOX BV to create concepts for Heavy Duty trucks with an internal combustion engine fueled with hydrogen (H2-ICE) for the long haul transport. For short- and midrange transport electric drivelines are a good alternative to H2-ICE.

The picture shows the MAN based City bus powered by a 210 kW NONOX Gas engine and fueled with Liquified Bio Gas (LBG) as well as the 100% battery electric city bus (BEV) from EBUSCO BV.