„Economics and Ecology is not a contradiction“

Gas engines equipped with NONOX technology demonstrate:

About 25% lower fuel costs at 20% (90% for Bio gas) lower CO2-Emission

  • NONOX throttle free load control technology enables Diesel efficiency level also for Otto engines
  • Natural gas fuel costs are significant lower on energy base then Diesel fuel (17% for LNG, 28% for CNG)
  • Natural Gas Engines, equipped with NONOX EOCV Technology, have up to 20% lower CO2 emission then comparable diesel engines, already by using fossil Natural Gas (CNG or LNG)
  • CO2 emission is reduced by more then 90% if Biogas (CBG or LBG) is used as a fuel
  • NOx emission of 0,01 g/kWh is achieved when using EOCV-technology in combination with low-pressure cooled EGR
  • Power-to-Gas technology is a promising strategy to produce H2-gas and methan-gas as a CO2-neutral fuel for gas engine applications, in onroad, offroad and stationary applications
  • TCO calculation results are, beside operational and technical issues, extremely depending on local taxes, tolls and penalties related to CO2 emission and toxic polutions emitted by vehicles
  • Gas engine powered HD vehicles can expect significant lower penalties in €/km (example Germany: No toll for gas engine trucks/buses, but 0,19€/km for 40ton diesel trucks)

Source: TCO model

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