Nonox believes that gas engines have a key role in the transition to clean fuels like hydrogen (H2). Different research programs show excellent results with EOCV technology in gas engines (Bio-CNG/LNG). Diesel-like power and torque is achieved in combination with near to zero NOx emissions and a CO2 reduction of 25%! With BioCNG/LNG this goes up to >90%! Fuel consumption is reduced with up to 25% in part-load, and up to 10% in full-load conditions due to implementation of full-variable Miller-timing. Note that this is achieved with NO NEED for a complex EGR system!!

First simulations and research show that similar results will be achieved with hydrogen!

Nonox aims to provide OEMs with unique and well-patented engine control technology, giving them an unique selling point for now and in the (near) future.

  • Nonox can provide ready-to-install EOCV kits. Nonox and Nonox' industrialisation partner will act as a TIER1 supplier.
  • Nonox is open to discuss various alternative business-cases